• XPS Foam Board Production Line

    XPS Foam Board Production Line

    It is suitable for producing XPS extrusion panels in
    Width: 600mm   Length: 1200mm,1500mm, 1800mm
    Thickness: 20-120mm
    Capacity: 400-600kg/h
    Workers: 8/shift
    Installed power: 470 KW
    Area: 78m*12m

  • Gypsum Board Perforationg Machine

    Gypsum Board Perforationg Machine

    This equipment consists of perforation machine, perforation mold, and a waste collection device.
    Gypsum Board Perforationg Machine Features:
    This machine is mainly used for perforating various patterns on gypsum board. It can work on 1220*2440 whole gypsum board, in 2 areas or 8 areas with same mold. At the same time, this machine is also widely used for perforating MDF boards and other boards. The conveyor is controlled by servo motor with high precision.

  • Gypsum Decorative Tile Machine

    Gypsum Decorative Tile Machine

    This equipment is used to make 600*600 ceiling gypsum board. It includes automatic feeding, automatic batching, mold, automatic trimming.
    This equipment is made of gypsum powder as the main raw material. The decorative plate is pressed by the mold. The equipment is simple and PLC controlled. Save manpower.

  • Calcium Silicate Board Production Line

    Calcium Silicate Board Production Line

    Calcium silicate board as a new green environmental building materials except the traditional gypsum plate of features outside, it has superior fire performances and the resistance tide, sound insulation, fireproof waterproof heat insulation,light weight and so on. It also has the advantage of using long life. The new type of board is widely used in the building of ceiling smallpox and wall, family decoration and so on.

  • Gypsum Cornice Production Line

    Gypsum Cornice Production Line

    1. Capacity: 2000pcs/8h-10000pcs/8h
    2. Automatic level: high automatic.
    3. Raw material: natural gypsum powder, mesh, fiber-glass, water, addtives
    4. Installation and commission: 2 workers , 15-20 days.

  • Fiber Cement Board Making Machine

    Fiber Cement Board Making Machine

    According to different purpose
    1. interior wall board
    2. exterior wall board
    3. floor plate
    4. Decorative sheet

  • Mineral Fiber Ceiling Board Production Line

    Mineral Fiber Ceiling Board Production Line

    The mineral fiber board production line includes raw material mixing system, fourdrinier forming system and vacuum pump system, water cutting system, accelerating conveying system, lifting distribution system, board feeding system, drying system, hot air circulating system, board releasing system, board over-turning system, puttying system, small drying system I, coating system, small drying system II, embossing system, small drying system III, cutting system, dust collecting system, packing stacking system, control system.

  • Mgo Board Production Line

    Mgo Board Production Line

    This kind of line combined stainless steel tube and convey belt style. The stainless steel tube have been processed and polished subtly on the surface, all of the tubes are maintaining on a same level, which achieved greatly reduce wet waste board rate and guarantee the smooth surface,flattening,well-distribute and smallest error of the board. Hebei Greens Building Material Technology Development Co., Ltd is mgo board production line for sale,mgo board making machine manufacturers,mgo board making machine supplies,provide mgo board production line,mgo board making machine,mgo board production process,If you are interested in any of our products, please feel free to contact us. More information of our products will be forwarded to you upon receipt of your specific inquiry.

  • Gypsum Board Lamination Machine

    Gypsum Board Lamination Machine

    gypsum board laminating machine manufacturers told Our company is the first manufacturer in China to develop and produce automatic PVC gypsum ceiling production line. It has fully automatic production line(single-side lamination type and double side lamination type), semi-automatic production line and economic type for customers to choose. As the production line uses modular combination, we can give appropriate solution according to customer requirement and budget.

  • PVC Vinyl Film

    PVC Vinyl Film

    PVC Vinyl Film and Aluminum PET Foil for Gypsum Ceiling Board Tiles

    The PVC Film and Aluminum Foil are used in decoration of gypsum board. Its advantage is moisture proof, artistic, etc.

    We can design as your requirement to make the PVC film